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Friday, April 16, 2010

The Real Cost of the Tax System

Doctor's Survey: Shortage of Doctor's under Socialized Medicine

Doctor's Survey: Shortage of Doctor's under Socialized Medicine

From a recent survey discussed in the New England Journal of Medicine:

• 72% of physicians feel that a public option would have a negative impact on physician supply, with 45% feeling it will “decline or worsen dramatically” and 27% predicting it will “decline or worsen somewhat.

click on the link for the rest of the survey

Friday, April 9, 2010

Texas Tech in Chess Final Four

Texas Tech in Chess Final Four

An excerpt from the article:
"To get to the Final Four, the Texas Tech Knight Raiders trounced Princeton 4-0, UT Austin 4-0, Florida Atlantic University 4-0, and Stanford 3 ½- ½."

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Quayle Makes Important Point in NY Times Piece on the Tea Party Movement

As a libertarian I almost always vote Republican. Though I do not consider myself "conservative," I acknowledge that the stance of conservatives on fiscal issues is much closer to that of libertarians, whereas that of Democrats is the polar opposite. On social issues, though I disagree with Conservatives on many issues, I agree on many as well. On those I am opposed, I have no trouble with understanding the reasons for the conservative position. And while I do not believe the government, for example, has any right to outlaw certain substances, I don't believe that marijuana being illegal is a threat to the American Way of Life, I do believe that the welfare state is such a threat.
The link and a few excerpts...
Dan Quayle: Don't let the tea party go Perot

By Dan Quayle
Sunday, April 4, 2010

"Like many influential causes before it, the "tea party" movement appeared on the scene uninvited by the political establishment. Democrats in the White House and in Congress recognize it for what it is -- a spontaneous and pointed response to the Obama agenda"

"Speaking on behalf of the Bush-Quayle campaign, to this day we firmly believe that Perot cost the Republican Party the White House."

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Political Affiliation and TV Preferences

Political Affiliation and TV Preferences

It's interesting to sometimes seriously consider those views opposed to your own and attempt to understand the thinking of those who hold those views. My first reaction to this article was that "of course those people sitting home watching Jerry Springer and similar shows, drawing unemployment, slurping cokes and stuffing their mouths with chips bought with food stamps...of course they're democrats." And when reading the comments section, I noted a response from someone that said that of course Republicans like sports, because sports is a meritocracy... My mental response to this was, 'of course, but that's too obvious to even merit a comment." What kind of mind would reply to that comment with derision, as one poster did?

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Texas Tech Law Student's Outrageous Protest of Obamacare

Brad Phillips and the 30 Day Taco Villa Challenge

Brad Phillips and the 30 Day Taco Villa Challenge
Sports & Recreation - Extreme Sports
In honor of universal health care, Brad Phillips has decided that he doesn't care about his body and that he is going to eat whatever he wants. It's not like he'll have to pay for it anyway.

So to demonstrate his new found disregard for his health, he has decided to embark on the 30 Day Taco Villa Challenge!

Here's the story:

Brad Phillips has always held that Taco Villa is the greatest restaurant to ever exist (give him a break... he's lived in Lubbock his whole life). He claims that he could eat Taco Villa AT LEAST once a day and that he would not get tired of it.

Ben Robertson has decided to call Brad on his Bullshit. So, starting April 1st, Brad will have to eat at Taco Villa for at least once a day for the rest of the month. That's a trip to TV at a minimum of 30 times. If Brad can complete the challenge, Ben has promised that he will reimburse Brad for all his food expenses incurred at Taco Villa.

Brad has also promised to truthfully answer the question "How much do I like Taco Villa?" through various stages of the competition.

Not only is Brad confident that he can complete the challenge, he has further said that he will be in the absolute best shape of his life after this challenge is over. To prove this, Brad will run a 2 mile race on April 30th. John Conner has agreed to pay Brad an additional 30 dollars if the time of the 2 mile race is 14:30 or less.

Rules for the Challenge:

1.) Brad Phillips must document each trip to TV by taking a picture of himself at the restaurant.

2.) Brad Phillips must save each and every receipt from his trips to TV. If even one receipt is missing, Ben will not be required to pay any money.

3.) Brad must post updates each day on the group's page with the picture of him, and must answer the question, "How much do I like Taco Villa?"

4.) Brad Phillips must use his debit or credit card to pay for the food. This will eliminate the possibility that Brad can dumpster dive for receipts from that day.

5.) Brad Phillips must actually be the person to eat the food. This goes without saying, but we wanted to be sure.

6.) Brad Phillips must eat EVERYTHING that he orders for the day. He cannot leave anything on his plate.

All group members are encouraged to join Brad on his trips to Taco Villa. This will help insure that Brad doesn't wuss out on the challenge. We will set a time for the 2 mile TV run on April 30th later on down the road.

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For what it's worth, if money were no object, I too would probably eat at Taco Villa every day.