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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cactus Cuties

Just over 2 years ago, on February 2, 2008, a grandfather posted a video on YouTube of his granddaughter and 4 friends singing the National Anthem at a Texas Tech game. Ty Cooke's granddaughter was 8 years old, her friends 11 and 13, and they'd been taking singing lessons together for 3 years or so. Barely a month later, more than 2 million people had watched this amazing video, and today that number stands at 6,731,912 views. Since then, the group, known as the Cactus Cuties is only 4 girls, but they have sung at games in major league baseball, NBA basketball, and NFL football stadiums, 2 MDA telethons, and at the National Capitol and the White House. To find out more, here's their website. Here's a video of their first single.

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  1. want more? i am the grandfather. a bunch of theirvperformances here. just passed 12 million views.